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According to the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), e-Commerce sales tripled during the health crisis, accounting for the penetration of this modality in the market . And beyond the economic benefits that this entails, the increase in online sales implies a challenge at the logistics and distribution level to meet delivery times and provide a good […]

The health crisis generated a profound change at the market level, especially in consumer habits: due to social distancing measures, face-to-face sales  were replaced by e-commerce, a modality for which it is necessary to rely on logistics companies that allow us to provide a good delivery service. The foregoing has generated an increase in the […]

To speak of online sales is to refer to a constantly growing market, where every day there is more supply and demand. Especially in current times, where the social distancing measures necessary to curb COVID-19 infections have put on the table the importance of eCommerce to maintain operational continuity. This scenario has highlighted the role of […]

In addition to the obvious health impact, the pandemic strongly affected the business environment, especially those companies that were used to face-to-face operations. And given the leading role that electronic commerce has taken, knowing how to optimize logistics in eCommerce is essential to improve the customer experience. Such has been the importance of electronic commerce […]

The confinement due to the health crisis during 2020 brought difficulties to the world economy, and Chile is no exception. However, eCommerce in the country has had a growth that no one would have imagined before the pandemic, being -for many companies- the only way to continue generating income. In fact, while offline commerce suffered a […]

Logistics is an area that requires planning and strategy. The satisfaction of ecommerce has always been closely linked to speed, punctuality and possible solutions to incidents. The essential customer service characteristics or attributes determine what Up-to-date and timely information must be provided to the consumer, in order to maintain a good flow of communication. Research by American Express reveals […]

From March to July, the National Consumer Service (Sernac) received nearly 72 thousand claims related to the delay in the delivery of products purchased through electronic commerce. This demonstrates the need for companies to improve logistics management. Behind this problem there are various causes. One reason may be the saturation that this sector registered due to the […]

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year, since when the first Christmas songs begin to play, sales and purchases take on an important role during this month, and, in short, Christmas purchases this year are to be more digital than ever, key dates to increase the income of any business. […]

Having a good shipping strategy is essential for any current e-Commerce store. The Baymard Institute for UX (User Experience) Studies reviewed data from 41 different studies, and found that the average shopping cart abandonment rate is almost 70%, accounting for the large number of sales opportunities that are diluted at the last minute. Two of the […]

Electronic commerce has acquired a leading role in recent times, increasing competition. For this reason, companies in the sector need to adopt strategies that improve the consumer experience, something in which it is essential to have logistics operations that increase the speed and fluidity of deliveries. In accordance with a study carried out by the consulting […]

According to the report by E-Commerce Trends in Chile, carried out by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), 75% of businesses have concentrated their sales on electronic commerce during the pandemic, accounting for the prominence that this modality has acquired in the midst of the health crisis. However, selling online also poses great challenges. One of the […]

It is estimated that the cost of shipping last mile comprises 53% of the total delivery costs, so it is essential to look for strategies to reduce them and thus increase your profits. In addition, by optimizing efficiency in this area, you improve customer satisfaction because you achieve deliveries on time, avoiding incurring costs such as -for […]

How to adapt and not die trying. This last year has made clear to us the new commercial trends, where it cannot be denied that due to the contingency the use of online platforms has been promoted so that consumers buy through E-commerce, it has even reached to the point where stores known for being […]

Today’s technologies have changed the way businesses operate. A clear example is virtual stores, which allow consumers to make their purchases remotely, facilitating the entire process. However, beyond the price or quality of the products, there is a factor that is decisive for a good position in the market: shipment tracking. Thanks to shipment tracking […]

Every business needs to manage two types of activities: those that are palpable to customers and those that support the company’s operations. For consumers, these are invisible processes, but they also affect the final result. Although the former are crucial, because it is where the interaction with the user occurs and sales are made, it […]

Traceability in a company today is a key factor. Above all, for the logistics sector. Therefore, if you are a professional who manages an e-Commerce, the distribution of products in retail companies and marketplaces or if you are dedicated to warehousing and preparing shipments, it is essential that you know and implement this concept. What […]

Who would have imagined a few decades ago that people could buy their products without leaving home? Thanks to electronic commerce, this is a reality that is acquiring ever larger dimensions. Now, to become a successful digital store, it is necessary, beyond having a website, to integrate some functions to offer a better service to […]

Given the explosive growth of e-Commerce, in the last year some businesses have needed the support of logistics experts to respond to the strong demand that home deliveries represent. Among some tips that are given in this regard, is to have a multi-courier type service to have an efficient distribution and be able to manage […]

Electronic commerce has had a great increase in Chile during the first half of 2020. According to figures provided by the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Chile, during this period online payments increased by 33.1% in real terms annual. The main factor in the rise of e-commerce is the pandemic and social […]

The pandemic and lockdown measures have changed consumer behavior. Companies must yes or yes offer their products through digital channels and, in this context, integrating an efficient courier system becomes a necessity. But which service to choose among those found in the country? Below we show you some of the best known shipping companies. Some […]

With the growth that e-commerce has had as a result of the pandemic, companies have found it necessary to optimize their package delivery strategy to offer a better service. Shipping platforms for e-Commerce are an excellent tool in this regard, as they facilitate the process of choosing a courier based on your budget and needs, […]

If before the pandemic, online commerce did not represent a high percentage in relation to the country’s total sales, this changed radically as of March 2020. Only in the Metropolitan Region, online sales went from 5% of total sales to 16%, an increase of eleven percentage points in a matter of months.  While the pandemic […]

Due to quarantine and social isolation, online product sales have increased dramatically. The changes in the modes of purchase, sale and consumption can be seen in essential items, such as food, pharmacy, cleaning products, entertainment and connectivity.  This has been beneficial for companies, but the importance of innovating in logistics management to respond to customer […]

If you want to strengthen your e-Commerce, one of the challenges is related to the shipping productsand how to make them more efficient for both your company and the end customer. To achieve this, a good number of companies hire logistics service providers. But what is the definition of logistics service? These are those product […]

The electronic commerce has advanced significantly due to the increase in the number of users with Internet access, the use of mobile devices, progress in digitizing markets, the increase in online payment alternatives and the insertion of bank cards among young generations. Chile is among the leaders in the region when it comes to e-Commerce […]